The Science

``I am fully convinced of the benefits of annatto tocotrienols.``

Dr. Barrie Tan



Vitamin E consists of 8 separate but related molecules: 4 tocopherols (alpha, beta, delta and gamma) and 4 tocotrienols (also alpha, beta, delta and gamma). These molecules have slightly different chemical structures, but are all considered antioxidants.

Here's How They Work

Tocotrienols protect each one of our 37 trillion cells from oxidation. Poor diet, smoking and stress are all examples of things that cause oxidation (the process in which a cell becomes unstable – think of the flesh of an apple after you take a bite, it turns brown).

Over 90% of oxidation protection must come from either tocotrienols or tocopherols. Tocotrienols are the better choice as they have been shown to provide 40-60 times more protection than tocopherols, especially delta-tocotrienols.

Chronic health conditions stem from too much oxidation of the cells. Therefore, as we age, it is important to supplement with annatto tocotrienol as it is the best known protector of cellular health.

Why are tocotrienols so effective?

If you were to examine vitamin E under a microscope you would find a simple but profound difference between its two main molecule groups, the tocotrienols and the tocopherols. Tocotrienols are smaller and more agile, allowing them to move around the body 50 times faster than tocopherols. This incredible speed and agility make tocotrienols the superior antioxidant.


The Broken Vitamin E Promise

Vitamin E is best known for one of its elements, alpha-tocopherol. Ironically, alpha-tocopherol is also its least effective component as recent research has revealed its inferior — and even potentially harmful — effects.

Annatto tocotrienols, on the other hand, have been shown to do incredible things, including lowering lipids, reducing inflammation, protecting the liver, promoting bone health, killing cancer cells, and even increasing survival rates in cancer patients.


Where do they come from?

The three main sources of tocotrienols are rice, palm and annatto, all of which were discovered by Dr. Barrie Tan. Below is a picture of the vibrant annatto plant, which can be found in tropical areas.


Annatto-derived tocotrienols are the most powerful source of vitamin E as they do not contain any alpha-tocopherols, which research has shown to interfere with the functions and benefits of tocotrienols. For maximum strength, vitamin E should contain less than 10% alpha-tocopherol. Only the annatto plant provides such a combination naturally.


How much should I take?

A normal, healthy person should take 100-200mg of annatto tocotrienol per day with a meal. This amount cannot be obtained through diet (the average American diet only contains about 2mg per day).
For someone with a specific condition, the dosage amount can vary between 300mg – 600mg per day.

You've read about the science behind Tocotrienol, now let's look at the research

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