The Truth About Vitamin E

In The Truth about Vitamin E: The Secret to Thriving with Annatto Tocotrienols, distinguished scientist and researcher Dr. Barrie Tan dives into his discovery of a new, natural form of vitamin E, annatto tocotrienol, and its amazing health benefits.

For anyone who is currently suffering from a chronic health condition, this book is a must-read!

By the end of The Truth about Vitamin E: The Secret to Thriving with Annatto Tocotrienols, you will understand how this powerful antioxidant can lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, protect your liver, promote bone health, increase survival rates in cancer patients, and even kill cancer cells. It’s time to start living the healthy life you were meant to live!

Reader's Reviews

  • Dr Barrie Tan has two loves in his life, as he proudly proclaimed in his latest book, one is his wife and the other is tocotrienol. However, this book is about the latter and we are sure his wife would not complain. He details his love story with tocotrienol from the beginning, initially with palm, followed by rice, culminating in the fateful encounter with annatto. In this book, he manages to stay clear of scientific and medical jargon to provide the layreaders a concise, easy-to-understand and comprehensive review of the health benefits of tocotrienol. It serves as a guide for the general public to incorporate tocotrienol into their daily health routine. We thank him for mentioning the role of tocotrienol in promoting bone health because bone health is our research interest as well as our love story! However, it is a problem often overlooked by the public and medical experts alike. We share the same vision with Dr. Tan and hope tocotrienol research will continue to bloom and can be applied clinically one day.

    Kok-Yong Chin and Soelaiman Ima-Nirwana
  • Dr. Barre Tan’s book The Truth About Vitamin E is an incredible work for both the practitioner and lay person alike.  As a holistic doctor myself, I have used his research and protocols to effectively help countless patients.  As you will sense when you read this book, Dr. Tan is a researcher like few others.  He cares deeply about helping people and has a genuine understanding of how science and research must be elegantly woven into practical applications for people who are suffering.  It is a distinct honor to know and learn from this great man.  I highly recommend this book if you are finding your health lacking in any way.

    Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD
  • Dr. Barrie Tan is not only an outstanding scientist but an exceptional journalist as well.  I was captivated and enthralled reading The Truth about Vitamin E.  Dr. Tan’s discussion regarding vitamin E and his secrets concerning annatto tocotrienols is truly noteworthy.  As a cardiologist, I absolutely resonated with his message especially about the right forms of vitamin E. As a vitamin formulator, it was music to my ears.  His citations regarding the plethora of studies concerning delta tocotrienols is absolutely comprehensive.  In his book, he talks about the benefits and functions of tocotrienols regarding cardiovascular health, brain support, healthy blood sugar, and metabolic and liver protection to mention a few.  In fact, his comments regarding non-alcoholic liver disease which is becoming a more troublesome situation in the 21st century, and the utilization of delta tocotrienols was incredibly provocative. Dr. Tan’s discussion of delta tocotrienol is something I can truly resonate with.  It is also a part of my own personal nutraceutical program.  I highly recommend his well-referenced and thoroughly researched book and hope you utilize delta tocotrienols in your nutraceutical and anti-oxidant program.

    Dr. Stephen Sinatra
  • Dr. Barrie Tan’s book “The Truth about Vitamin E” is the best reference to read about the key pieces of information and novel findings about tocotrienols. The book author has done an excellent job in writing and preparing the text in a language that is easy to follow for all types of audiences including researchers, students, and just anyone who is interested in this topic. I have found each of the ten chapters of the book valuable and informative and am going to also ask my colleagues, collaborators, and students to read this book. As a faculty and researcher myself, I cannot recommend anything but this easy-to-read 68 page book by Dr. Tan that is yet accurate and filled with scientifically-backed details about tocotrienols!

    Hoda Yeganehjoo
  • Dr. Tan has written the world’s leading book on the health benefits of tocotrienols. I highly recommend it for both doctors and the public. The potential for disease prevention and treatment based on his research is simply amazing.

    Dr. Mark Stengler Co-author of the best selling Prescription for Natural Cures, Outside The Box Cancer Therapies, and Health Revelations newsletter

About Dr. Tan

For the last 35 years, Dr. Tan has immersed himself in the world of Vitamin E and is considered one of the world’s foremost experts, credited with discovering tocotrienol in three major natural sources – Palm, Rice and Annatto. He is co-founder, with his wife, Elizabeth, of American River Nutrition.

His mission is to deliver the highest-quality nutritional products, based on sound scientific research, to help people live longer, fuller, healthier lives.

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