Top 10 Health Benefits of Annatto Tocotrienols

“It’s the one supplement I would want with me if I were stranded on a desert island!”

Jonathan Lizotte

Founder And Chairman Of Designs For Health


Increase Life Expectancy in Cancer Patients

Tocotrienols have been studied in human cancer clinical trials and were shown to almost double overall life expectancy when taken with standard therapy. Tocotrienols have also repeatedly been shown to hinder the rapid multiplying of cancer cells.


Support Cardiovascular Health

Tocotrienols support healthy blood lipid levels and a healthy inflammatory response. They have been shown to simultaneously lower cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammation.


Improve Bone Health

Tocotrienols have been studied in a human clinical trial of post-menopausal osteopenia subjects and demonstrated that they help to resist bone loss.


Reduce Fat in the Liver

In a trial conducted with patients who had NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, suffered by 25% of the US population), tocotrienols were found to reduce both fat and enzymes in the liver as well as reduce inflammation of the liver. Those in the study saw an average weight loss of ~10lbs.


Promote Cell Health

The average human body has over 37 trillion cells. Each of those cells has a cell membrane that can be damaged without antioxidant protection. Tocotrienols’ antioxidant properties have been shown to be highly effective in preventing cells from going rancid and maintaining a strong cell wall.


Keep Inflammation at Bay

Tocotrienols’ proven ability to reduce inflammation can help prevent many associated diseases and chronic conditions, improving your overall health.


Uphold a Healthy Blood Sugar Level

Owing to their positive effect on lipids, tocotrienols may be beneficial for patients who need help managing blood sugar and insulin levels. They have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and help the body create and process glucose better.


Boost Brain Health

Tocotrienols, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, may help keep you sharp and contribute to better brain health. Population-based studies conducted by the Karolinska Institute showed that higher levels of vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols in elderly subjects were associated with a lower risk of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.


Reverse Skin Damage

Tocotrienols have been found to reduce hyperpigmentation, repair skin damage, heal wounds, protect from light exposure and suppress skin cancer.


Provide Radiation Protection

Tocotrienols help protect sensitive cells from destructive ionizing radiation.

In excess of 100 studies and clinical trials have shown the surprising benefits of tocotrienols – without any known side effects.

It is my hope that once you’ve learned about tocotrienol, you will be able to make changes that will improve both your health and your life.

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