Holistic Primary Care

The Broken Promise of Vitamin E - Why Annatto Sourced Tocotrienols are the "21st Century" E

In this webinar, I share with Holistic Primary Care co-founder Erik Goodman clinically relevant data on tocotrienols’ anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in the context of cardiometabolic disease, NAFLD, cancer, bone health, and overall cellular health. An overview of the latest randomized trials will highlight annatto tocotrienols’ role as the “21st century vitamin E.”


  • The origins of vitamin E, it’s 8 isomers, and the diverse sources from which they’re derived.
  • How the widely use alpha-tocopherol interferes with tocotrienol functions
  • The impact of annatto tocotrienol on cardiometabolic and cellular health
  • The benefits of annatto-derived tocotrienol with regard to healthy aging, and cardiometabolic, liver, bone, and cellular health
  • Guidelines for appropriate tocotrienol dosing for practitioners and consumers

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