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Geranylgeraniol: A Groundbreaking Anti-Aging Solution from the Amazon

About this Webinar:

The Amazonian annatto plant is an ancient shrub utilized for centuries to color foods and cosmetics. Traditionally applied in folk medicine, annatto was more recently discovered to contain important phytonutrients with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. One of these is geranylgeraniol (GG), located at the crossroads of the biosynthesis pathways for several critical biological processes.

Though important in plants, GG may carry even more crucial responsibilities when it comes to functions in mammals: In the human body, GG is responsible for the production of proteins, vitamin K2, ubiquinone, and testosterone. Though this webinar, discover the role of geranylgeraniol in:

  • Endogenous synthesis of CoQ10
  • Prevention/reversal of sarcopenia, muscle wasting or cachexia
  • Maintenance of healthy bone density
  • Endogenous synthesis of vitamin K2
  • Metabolic health
  • Antinociception (pain reduction)

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