A.C. Grace

The Unique Anti-Aging Properties of Annatto Tocotrienols

This presentation covers important milestones in vitamin E research and discusses alpha-tocopherol interference with tocotrienol functions. Tocotrienol’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties will be examined in cardiometabolic disease and NAFLD, cellular health, the aging bone. An overview of the latest randomized trials highlights practical applications and emphasizes tocotrienol’s role as the 21st century vitamin E for healthy aging. As a special mention, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and the specific utilities of tocotrienol in dust mite-induced Asthma and cigarette-induced COPD will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate between vitamin E isomers and sources
  • Recognize potential interference among members of the vitamin E family
  • Identify current clinical trials on tocotrienols
  • Apply clinical knowledge of tocotrienol benefits relevant to healthy aging (e.g. cardiometabolic, liver, bone, and cellular health)
  • Recommend appropriate dosages for consumers

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